With more than 20 years of experience, Go! Calendars, Games and Toys offers an exciting opportunity to manage our seasonal retail concept stores. This is an opportunity for you to manage all aspects of a store during the busiest, most exciting time in retail, the holiday season. The Store Manager is a seasonal full-time salary position.

Your principal responsibility as manager is to oversee and take care of all the day-to-day processes in the store. The following are the primary responsibilities for a Store Manager:

  • Interview and hire staff for store opening, closing and daily operations.
  • Build the store — accept initial shipment, assemble fixtures and merchandise products.
  • Manage daily and weekly duties, including: follow opening/closing procedures, complete employee weekly schedules & timesheets, receive shipments, make daily bank deposits and maintain impeccable store appearance.
  • Adhere to mall guidelines and continue the ongoing relationship Go! Calendars, Games and Toys has fostered with the mall.
  • Provide outstanding customer service and train your staff on these standards.
  • Communicate with company headquarters about issues, problems and opportunities. Also, abide by our policies, procedures and represent the name well.

If you would like to know more about Go! Calendars, Games and Toys and the opportunity to become a Go! Manager, please contact our recruiting team at the following:

General Store Manager Recruiting Application Line 888-422-5637 x156
We look forward to having you as part of our team.

Starting a new job can be overwhelming, but with our proven training methods and internal support, we will help you get started – and help you succeed. Your training will include:

  • A thorough review of all the next steps with one of our Store Representatives, once you’re hired. This is generally one or two long telephone sessions.
  • Several written guides to read and share with the staff you hire. They include:
    • Store Manual: All the details you need about how to run the store.
    • Setup Instructions: A step-by-step guide to building the fixtures.
    • Plan-o-grams: To help you merchandise your store.
    • Marketing Guides: To make your store more attractive and popular.
  • We also provide you with the SRV Exchange, a 24/7 website with documents, instructions, access to your accounts, and any contact information you might need for support during the holiday season.

Your Store Representative will be your main contact to answer any questions you may have, both before and after your store is open. You will soon know people in each of the departments in the corporate office, but your Store Representative will generally be your primary contact and your “buddy” throughout the season. We also offer some departmental help after-hours, should you need additional support. We want to make sure you have the tools and training to succeed in your store!

The skills you learned in the military – leadership, excellence, integrity – are the skills that make a great Go! Operator. Your experience is valuable to us. We’d like to give you an opportunity to be your own boss, build a team and operate a store.

To learn more, call 1-888-422-5637 x156 or email dianeg@calendars.com

Who are SRV and Go! Calendars?

SRV (Specialty Retail Ventures), a wholly owned subsidiary of Calendar Holdings, LLC, offers the opportunity to operate the most exciting seasonal retail concept stores in the United States. All of our stores feature a merchandise mix of maximum quality, selection and value – including Go! Calendars, Go! Games, and Go! Toys and Games.

Go! Calendars began in 1993 as Calendar Club, and our stores offer “The Best Selection of Calendars in the Known Universe.” Go! Games carries board games, brainteasers, puzzlers, and puzzles. Go! Toys offers high quality toys that are durable, educational, and fun – including everything from activity kits, dolls, action figures, and all of the classics. We also have many stores that combine our concepts.

And remember that when we say “our store”, we’re really talking about your store. That’s what makes the concept so exciting – entrepreneurs operate all of our stores, and they’re people like you who profit from running their own businesses.

Will I be the store owner or manager?

If selected, you will be the Store Manager, which is a seasonal, full-time, salaried position. Stores are generally open from October through mid-January, and you will receive a salary, plus commission, with bonus potential. Your primary responsibility as Store Manager is to oversee and take care of day-to-day store operations and processes. You will work in the store, hire and train employees, complete employee timesheets and schedules, manage inventory, make bank deposits, and provide good customer service – essentially everything that’s required to be a successful retailer.

Do I need to have retail experience?

As the Store Manager, retail management experience is highly preferred, but isn’t required. Store Managers do, however, need to possess good common sense, an outgoing personality, great customer service skills, and the willingness to work hard from day one.

How do I actually learn the business? What training and support do I receive before and during the season?

We provide you with everything you need to manage a successful Go! concept store. Though we are be based at our Austin, Texas headquarters, we make sure to set you up for success and give you the training and 24-hour support you need – just as if we were working alongside you at your store. We provide the following materials and resources to help you not only learn and understand the Seasonal Retail business, but also the Go! products, concepts, and proven methodologies:

Store Manual: Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Go! Calendars is spelled out in a detailed, easy-to-follow Store Manual. The information in the manual will give you everything you need to know to successfully run and manage your store.

Set Up Guide: The Setup Guide gives you easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions and pictures on how to build your store.

Plan-O-Gram: The Plan-O-Gram shows you step-by-step instructions and pictures on how to best merchandise your store for success.

Go! Trainer’s Manual: The Trainer’s Manual gives Store Managers 10 Mini Sales & Service Lessons that you can take back and use at your store.

SRV Exchange: The SRV Exchange website is an invaluable online link that allows Store Managers to monitor daily store activities. It is a 24/7 valuable online tool to help Store Managers check daily sales, inventory, shipments, and more.

Internal Support Team: We give all of our valued Store Managers 24-hour support from our corporate offices in Austin. We have the internal support team to help you every step of the way, any time of the day – offering constant communication and support from all departments at our corporate office. All Store Managers are also assigned their own Store Operations Representative as your individual contact and voice at Go! Calendars.

When does the store open? When does the store close?

Every location has its own store open and close date. Our CEO and Real Estate team carefully choose these dates based on several factors, such as previous sales, store location, and expected earning potential. Store open and close dates can range from as early as September to as late as February, but stores are generally open in October and close in January.

How and when do I get paid?

As a full-time salaried employee of SRV, your compensation is based upon a weekly rate, plus the commission you receive from store sales. Your paycheck will be mailed to the store every two weeks, and your commission will be added to your base salary. You are also eligible for a completion bonus, which you will receive after the reconciliation process is complete.

How am I assigned a store?

Our Real Estate team works year-round to secure great locations in some of the most successful malls in the country. They take care of the lease agreements, contracts, and rent. If you’re selected as a Store Manager, your store will be in one of these locations.

Where do the store fixtures and product come from? How do they arrive?

At the appropriate time, we’ll ship your fixtures, supplies, opening product inventory, and cash register to your store in one large initial shipment. Once you’re notified that your shipment is ready to send and an open date is set, you’ll schedule the initial shipment. All of the store products and fixtures arrive directly from our warehouses in Austin, Texas.

How do we ring up the product and keep track of sales?

We provide you with a cash register that is directly connected to our computer system. The cash register has a barcode reader so that you can easily ring up sales. It also processes cash, check and credit card transactions; automatically calculates sales tax; and runs cash register reports at the end of the day. You can track every transaction at www.srvexchange.com, so you’ll be able to monitor your store, employees, and oversee each day’s transactions.

Am I responsible for inventory?

Yes, you are responsible for shrinkage and inventory, but you have a lot of help, namely your cash register. At the beginning of the season, we’ll ship you a select mix of product. Each evening when you close out, the cash register tells us which and how many products you sold that day. From that data, we’ll replenish your sold-out inventory. We also have a dedicated website to help you manage your inventory and make customer requests.


General Recruiting Application Line

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Diane Garcia
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